Sunday, March 09, 2008

Melboure International Motor Show

This weekends outing - and challenge for me! - was to the motor show. Boys and their toys! LOL! I found it really hard to photograph cars! But if you are interested in this kind of thing, CLICK HERE, to go and see some more! Still one more day to go of our long weekend ..... thank goodness for Labour Day! Such a nice feeling on Sunday to know that tomorrow can be another sleep in and lazy day for everyone! Enjoy!


Jorinde said...

You poor thing, have to go to a motor show! LOl. My dh is not much better. He takes me to every expo that has to do with miniture or real trains. Oh well! It must have been fun making photo's allthough it was not easy!

Enjoy your laborday!


Angie said...

Have a wonderful day tomorrow -- of course it IS tomorrow, while I'm typing to you! : )

Love your auto show pics. We took pictures of Dora & Diego yesterday. Sigh.

Garynka said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun at the show.
LOL, Helen, another 25 cm of snow here :) I HATE it already.
I will keep our snowman for you ;)
Have a wonderful week!

Nancy said...

omg, i'm so so jealous, i was supposed to go to the atlantic city car show with amy last weekend but as you know i didn't make it! LOVE that shot of katie how creative is that, fabulous pics i'm off to check out the rest. Enjoy your day tomorrow!

Wendy said...

Sweet, looks like you did a spectacular job with the photos!! I'm off to flickr to look and comment!! Glad you had a 3 day weekend to get some rest!!

Leah & Terry said...

I love that pic of Katie looking in the car window!

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