Monday, February 04, 2008

Cardinia Reservoir

My dear husband took us out for what he called a "mini adventure" yesterday so Mummy could take photos! Thanks babe! This reservoir is only a twenty minute drive from wonderful is that! Lots of kangaroo poop (Katie had another meltdown moment as my dear friend Wendy has termed it) but we need to go back at cooler times of day to spot scores of them it is said. My thanks goes out to Nancy for inspiring me to take some b/w and sepia shots. I always tell myself I can change them to these tones later but invariably never do. If you would like to see more photos please click here! Have a great week everyone!


Nancy said...

these are just gorgeous. i checked out your gallery, loved them all. the landscape is just amazing! the sepia tones are so beautiful! how sweet of den, it looked like a nice relaxing family day!

Wendy said...

Wow Helen it looks like fun to me!! Thanks Den for taking her I enjoyed the photos!

Leah & Terry said...

I just went to check out all of your pics. Gosh girl, they are amazing. My personal fave??? Katie on the swing. I did a little *gasp* when I opened it, she is just a beautiful girl. Can't wait to see more photos from you =)

Melly said... I'm about to be very serious with you...

You could sell your amazing photography to a stock photo place. I mean it. You are amazing!!!

Melly :)

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