Saturday, January 05, 2008

They come in three's......

The children were so excited when last night Den suggested dinner at the park of fish n chips! Yey! So what started out as a wonderful evening after another hot day turned into an absolute disaster! Firstly Katie apparently fell and hurt her knee whilst I was getting the food. Then it got worse. While Den and I were chatting over on the picnic blanket I heard calling from the playground. Hugh was running to me, tears streaming down his face, "Katie has fallen and really hurt herself". This child has put her tooth through her lip more times than I can remember (stay tuned for scrap page to come on that one). There was blood and endless tears. A bit hard to assess the damage but in the light of day her little face is bloodied and swollen. The third thing I hear you asking? Well while I am sitting on the picnic blanket trying to console my inconsolable daughter, a big jumping bullant bites me on the hand! YOWEE! Now who was crying the hardest? LOL! Gosh...that hurt SO much! And on that note we packed up and went home.


Angie said...

Oh honey, honey, honey. You're right -- bad things usually do come in threes. I'm just sorry it happened on what could have been a fun day out!!

Lots of kisses to everyone!

mosbarger said...

Huge, ginormous hugs to you and the munchkins!!!!!!!! Poor Katie- right when I saw her lip, I thought "not again!" Maybe with all of the injuries, she'll grow up blessed with lips like Angelina Jolie's? And, what the heck! That bug is HUGE!!!! Yuck!!!! How are you and the kids today?

Take care, and stay INSIDE!!!!!

Mellykat said...

Yikes it's a darn good thing it's three. Sorry your fun day was ruined that way! Hope all is well with Katie and with your hand too!
Soak up the sun for me...please!
Love Melly :)
P.S. I don't even know what a bullant is but I don't think I want to meet one!

Krissy said...

oh now that's just bad bad bad! Poor Katie, her lip looks like it hurts SO much! And YOU! A jumping bull ant? OUCH!!!!!! I think it was wise to pack up and go..poor guys! Picnic in the backyard!

Wendy said...

OUCH!! Poor Katie!! Yikes to the bull ant, looks like our harvester ants who also pack a Wallop!! Not a good Friday evening at all!!

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