Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Terry & Carol's Silver Wedding Anniversary at Gumbuya Park!

Our good friends and neighbours - Terry and Carol - invited us to their 25th wedding celebrations to be held at Gumbuya Park last
Sunday. It was so kind of them to include us in their family celebration and at a place where all the children could roam free. We all had a wonderful time and with on site rides - water boats, cars that Hugh could drive and wildlife to see - it was an added bonus to the wonderful food and company. So much so it tuckered out the little munchkin and Den had to take her photo on the way home. If you would like to see more photos from our day....click here!


Yummers! said...

What an absolutely wonderful place to have a celebration. The pictures are wonderful ( and I looked at all 3 hundred and some on the link). The photo of Katie passed out in her car seat is so precious.

Grammy J is craving a VIDEO!!
Hugs to all,

Mellykat said...

Great photos - looks like a really fun day at a cool place!

Love the one of the princess with the broken lip :( So sweetly sleeping! :)

Wendy said...

Congrats to Terry and Carol...Looks like a fun day!! Loved the photos of the kangas! I'll have to show them to PP, LOL...Good photo of you and Katie too!! To funny on the tuckered out little one photo!! I will check flikr out in a bit....I am trying to play catch up here...lol

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