Monday, January 21, 2008

Party! Party! Party!

Nothing cryptic about this title! We literally had party one, party two, party three! I have been recovering ever since! Must be a sign of age! Oh dear! Firstly on Saturday we headed off to party one - my sister and brother-in-law's joint 50th birthday party. It was great to catch up with old family and friends. Her sons did a great job of the speeches and there I am with my niece Shanny. Hugh surprisingly offered to take plates of food around but only went to those he knew! Ha! Which meant his Pa. Katie found a little friend and can you believe she is younger than Stephanie (the little friend!) Got to stop feeding my girl! Yikes! Second party we had to come home and wave our magic wand to turn into Princess Ariel and head off to little Lexie's party at the ice cream parlor. Finally, it was off to party three and the neighbours for a wonderful dinner of Indian - biryani - sensational! A yummy way to finish a busy, busy day. And before you all ask what is biryani, well click on the link to find out! Now back to my recuperation!


Wendy said...

Wow I'm tired just reading and seeing the photos, lol...I always thought Katie was tiny...At least Katie eats! LOL to Hughie taking the plate to boy!! I don't know why I was thinking it was their anniversary and not Birthday!! I'll cry when I hit 50, lol...I cried when I turned 21, lol...I'm going to check out the dish you had for dinner. I hope your getting rested up! Thanks for sharing :o)

Yummers! said...

That rice dish looks yummy. I looked at the link and will ask Boyd to try it for us. Notice how I go right to the food first.

I was suprised that Katie is tall. I always thought she was a little tiny one.

So cute that Hughie served only the people he knew. So cute!!

You look so cute in your photo. Are your bangs new?? If so... they look good on you.
You certainly are getting your moneys worth out of the Princess dress. What fun!!
Love to all,

mosbarger said...

OK, now I'm starving!!!!! Great pictures!!!!

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