Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The final create and make!

The children have had such fun with our weekly visits to Bunnings (hardware store) these school holidays to make crafts that Hugh made mention of how sad it was that this was to be the last one. I know they do some on weekends throughout the year so I may just have to look into that. Each week we have been alone on Thursdays, today we went on a Tuesday and were lucky to get a seat! It was packed! The children made spiders and butterflies from wooden spools and pipe cleaners! Well to be honest, once again, yours truly had to listen really closely so I could twirl and stick and glue in all the right places. Yey me! Grammy J will be proud of me!

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Wendy said...

Sweet bugs!! You all did a good job!! Sounds like everyone was going on Tues. instead of Thurs...the more the merrier!! Yes Grammie J will be proud, Ms. Helen is getting artsy craftsy!! LOL...

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