Thursday, January 03, 2008

Every picture tells a story

...there I was just playing around with my camera one day and seeing this photo it really appealed to me. Then I saw the cobwebs - creating that seemingly mystic effect. However, it did not take me long to realise that it clearly illustrated how long it had been since we had used our front tap. Welcome to the world of permanent water restrictions. For over a year now we have faced water shortages on a scale never seen before. The days of watering the garden or playing under the sprinkler in the summer sun are gone with the exception of installing your own water tanks. Thankfully we did and our garden is still alive and the children are still squealing in delight as they dash through the sprinkling water that soaks into the dry summer grass.

Paper and frame available from: Leiko Beck [designs]


Yummers! said...

Another lovely story.

I'm so glad those two cuties get to run in the sprinkler and enjoy all the wonders that water brings to us. Until restrictions are imposed we take it all so for granted.
Grammy J

Wendy said...

You know I love this photo and you did a great job with the layout and the journaling!! Fantastic job!!

mosbarger said...

Holy cow!!! That photo is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!! One of my favorites....EVER!!!! You must frame it....or let ME!!!!! Fantabulous layout too....definitely NOT the work of a DAG!!!!!! BTW, I had to schedule classes for "DCP inc." today!!! I almost wet my pants when I saw the name on my caller ID!!!! LOL!!!!

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