Saturday, January 26, 2008

Don't worry darling ... your feet are so big .... if you ever get shot you wont fall over!!

How is this for a blog title Angie!!! LOL!!! I have an "issue" with feet. All because when I was a teenager being fitted for school shoes the title line is what the woman fitting the shoes told me. As you can see, scarred for life for I have never forgotten. It took me years to come to wearing sandals or thongs. Anyways, this blog is not about my feet (yuck!) but rather my son's! I just needed to provide you with a guide so you could understand that I have big feet now take a look at my son's new runner's we bought yesterday. Yikes! And he is still only six (and a half - he would add!!) And of Punch without there is munchkins foot just for good measure! Ha! Happy days!


Wendy said...

Oh Helen that is too Funny!! I still have problems wearing sandals today...They called me canoe feet, Argh! Hughie is going to be tall...Pretty soon you'll be looking up at him Helen!! Michael has my feet and thank goodness he's a boy!! He can get away with big feet!!

Yummers! said...

Holy Schmoley!!! That boy's never going to tip over! You feed your kids well!

I wear a size 41 euro. But mine are not nice looking like yours. All those years of ballet and toe... with ongoing bleeding blisters. Not pretty!! Bright toenail polish distracts the eye.

Angie said...

wow! He's going to be one tall boy.

My feet? Ick. We have a cartoon character called Fred Flintstone. I have his feet.

It's not pretty. . . especially on a girl!

mosbarger said...

LMAOOO!!!!! I still crack up when you tell that (sad) story!!!!! Remember, I have HUGE feet too- so I can appreciate this!!!! Yes, Hugh is going to be cursed too!!!! Cute pic, though!!!!

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