Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dont worry about 'Where's Wally'....where is Wattle????

A very sad tale to tell. As many of you know Katie loves her Beanie Bears - has SEVERAL. However, the all time favourite is "Wattle". He is taken everywhere and although regularly washed looks a little worse for wear but we like to think very loved. Well he is missing and today will be one week since his sad departure. Now I HATE it when I can't find something and the really annoying thing here is last Wednesday the children were playing with all their Beanie Bears downstairs. Pack up time Wattle. So you see he has not even been removed from the house! A house which we have turned upside down!!!!! A mother who has even been through all the garbage just in case!!!! Denis told Katie Wattle has gone on holidays .... gosh! I would love to know where he is!!!! My title for this blog (probably been reading too many of Angie's blogs ..... I am beginning to sound like her! But I LOVE your blog girl!) comes from the fact that Hugh is really into these holidays the "find it" books. We got some "Where's Wally" from the library but stumbled across these ones - "A 1001 wizard things to spot" and munchkin borrowed "A 1001 things to spot in fairyland". They are published by Usborne and I just adore their kids books. These ones are just so age appropriate even Katie can find things. So yes ...... we can find 1001 things but we can't find Wattle!


Wendy said...

Oh My!! Poor Wattle!! You should make reward posters and post them all over the house, LOL...You will find him when you least expect too and then you will be thunking your head against the wall, lol That is if you aren't already!! Thanks for the tips on the books, we shall see if we can find them in our library!!

Angie said...

I'm so sorry, Helen! Edison had a stuffed lamb. Lammy got lost once, and I think I cried more than he did.

We eventually found her. Don't give up. . . but I *love* Den's analogy that he's on holiday!

. . .and thanks for the mention! : )

Yummers! said...

Oh no... a lost teddy!! That's so sad for Katie. But I bet it will turn up someplace. Could it have gotten mixed up with another little friend's bears???

I'm crossing my fingers...
Grammy J

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