Thursday, December 20, 2007

A report, a new teacher and a last swim "Harrah"

What a big and hot day yesterday was! Firstly Katie had a party to go to in the morning and insisted on wearing her Princess dress. You can also see when someone said why don't you dance? She did not have to be asked twice! LOL! Then it was off to get Hugh and take him to his final swim lesson for the year and maybe forever! He says he does not want to do swimming next year....getting a bit hard I think?!@? Anyways, he had a blast as the whole lesson was dedicated to fun! It was so stinking hot in that swimming pool, I had to put both Katie's and my hair up; I am sure I shed about 2 kilos (or maybe that was wishful thinking) in that sauna. Hughie swam as the Hi5 Christmas CD played away in the as she was (click on the photos to see her face) Katie just had to dance. We then went home to cool down and hear Hugh's tales of the day and how he met his new Grade 1 teacher and is very happy and excited to be in her class next year. We also read his report and needless to say it was fabulous! WTG my little man!


Wendy said...

ROFL...all I could think about when I saw Katie dancing was Krissy dancing on the table...too funny!! Oh that pool looks so inviting..was 80 here today!! Looks like Hughie had fun...Wish he'd stick to swimming but alas he has the right to do what he wants too...Thanks for sharing your wonderful steamy day, LOL.

Angie said...

What fun you guys must have had. I love seeing Katie in her princess dress!

Yummers! said...

Oooooooh... melt me!! The dancing princess... and the swimming prince!! That pool looks so inviting for kids. What is that big yellow thing floating in the pool???

I picked up something for Hughie yesterday, so now I can get the small box off to the small royalty.

Off to make gift tags and start wrapping presents. I have no energy due to a bug that kept me in bed with chills yesterday. So, The trees lit and I'm about to make a mug of Chai... turn on a movie and wrap, wrap, wrap.
Grammy J.

Leah & Terry said...

What adorable pics of Katie! Gotta love that princess dress.

Guess what? My dh got me a Frank Sinatra Christmas CD, he is such a sweetie!

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