Monday, December 17, 2007

A quiet Sunday morning - not! Good one Daddy!


jorinde said...

So, your kids like to play with your pan's aswell. I have the same problem, only my 1 year old drops one from time to time. So now he can only play with the small kids pan's.

What a good idea to have a week report!
I am so happy that I can look at your blog for good ideas:)

Because of one of your scrapbook comments, Anita found my weblog aswell. So this morning I was plesantly surpriced to find a comment from Anita on my blog. You are so right that the weblog is fun with the visits that you get! My friends think it's great and said the would have a look in from time to time. So thanks voor the great blogtip.

Have a great week!

Yummers! said...

What a hoot!Daddy Den put them up to this?? Just like a dad!!

Wendy said...

ROFL...UGH!! Looks like Hughie has got some beat there but Katie needs to work on it a bit, LOL...Too funny!!

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