Friday, December 21, 2007

Lightning, thunder and a flood!

It was quite a day weather wise yesterday and they are predicting a similar story again today. Eeeekkkk!! The morning saw storm after storm move through...lots of lightning/thunder and of course Katie is petrified of the "doe-bar"!! So much so she had to bury her head in her couch. But she did not run to her bed as she usually does, so that is something. At lunch we went to join Hugh for his class party and I took this group shot of his class and teacher. He has his last day of Prep today. Later in the afternoon the torrential rain arrived and as evidenced by the photos....we had a slight flood! The sunroom became a wading pool. Fingers crossed we don't get as much rain again today.


Wendy said...

Oh Helen what a mess!! I hope you didn't get as much rain today and that things settle down a bit!! Poor Katie, hopefully she will out grow her fears.
Love the photo of Hughie, his classmates and teacher. Good job!! Wow it's hard to believe Hughie is moving on to bigger and better things. Very exciting too!! Hugs ~Wen~

Leah & Terry said...

Wow. That's quite a mess. I love thunder storms, but I like them when my house doesn't flood. Hope the next one isn't quite as bad or better yet doesn't come at all!

Angie said...

Stay dry, my friend. It's sunny here, today. Almost warm.

Sigh. I want cold.

Jorinde said...

Hi Helen,

I feel for you, it is not fun to get in indoor swimmingpool when you have not asked for it. We more or less know how scary this can be. We had the same happen in 2005. Our house was OK but our companybuilding had a river run through it for a day or so. One funny story was that behind our building is a little vacation chalet. When this was all over we found this little chalet beside our building, it was moved by the flood. When the owners check it, they still found the spare key above the door and apart from one bottle, nothing was broken.

Hopefully the rain has stoped now and you guys do not have too much damage. So I wish you a happy dry christmas. Greatings Jorinde

Krissy said...

oh my gosh that's HORRIBLE! Is your new sunroom okay? Will you have to re-do your flooring! Oh you guys worked SO hard on that! I hope the rains slow down!

And poor Katie... I hate the 'doe bar' too. I'd hug her if I could. Poor angel!

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