Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Here are some shots from last weekend. The first two I just adore. Firstly my girl...she is growing up so quickly. Now she has pretend conversations with her Pocket Polly's and Barbie's - it's just too darn cute. I just have to stand back and listen to it all. Very revealing too! Lot's of smooching and shopping going on! The second top shot is from my beautiful man! I had to leave my computer running when I went shopping last Friday for Den to access something remotely. I came home later that day to see this on my screen! Love you too babe! Thank you! The cheezels and Katie relaxing on Daddy shots are from a fun, sunny Saturday and click here to see some more photos. Sunday we went down to the park and oval. More shots for Sunday can be found here.


Yummers! said...

I love going to Flickr and watching your photos in a slideshow. I feel like I know you all so well.

I love the photos of Katie on Den's back. Contest material.

SHOCK... Katie has on a yellow dress!!! In one photo she's holding her dress out and looking down at it and saying, " Hey mum... this isn't pink!"
Loves to all,
Grammy J

Angie said...

Hey Helen,
These, as always, are great pictures!! I love seeing Katie in a yellow dress, too. Amazing. She's beautiful in all shades of color!

Wendy said...

Oh Helen they are fantastic!! Love the "I Love YOU" screen, Den is such a sweetie!! Katie playing pretend is so sweet!! Her and Michael would have so much fun together!! Hughie with the cheesy's on his finger to funny!! I love the one of Katie and Den, she loves her Daddy!! I see Den is in the lead again, lol....I am so glad you all had a relaxing weekend at home!!

TheresaK said...

Hello Helen! Love the pics...Look how nice and pretty it is outside, it is soon going to be opposite here, it is supposed to snow tomorrow!! UGH!!!!! Thanks for visiting my bolg :)!!!

Krissy said...

That's it girl, we need to replicate Den! What an amazing, romantic man. You can tell him I said that too! I'm half tempted to package Gregg up and send him to you so that Den might teach him a few things!

ChristianeK said...

Oh I love the photos of Katie and Den they are so fantastic. You are capturing some pretty special moments.

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