Friday, November 09, 2007

Dancing, swimming and the NEW GLASSES!

Katie had her last dance class for the year on Wednesday. Despite her "issues" with it (read and watch below) she loves to dance so much. We then collected Hugh from school to go and get his glasses and take him swimming. He loves to swim and puts in such a great effort. As to the glasses he looks really academic doesn't he LOL. We were going to ease into wearing them but gosh! They are pretty strong but he has taken to them like a duck to water. I am so proud of him.


Wendy said...

Awww Helen what Great photos and memories....I know you are so PROUD of your children and you should be, they are just TERRIFIC!!

Krissy said...

he just looks like a dream. Those glasses look VERY good on that boy! How are YOU doing with all of this momma? Give those kids a BIG hug from me!

Leah & Terry said...

Aww. She looks so adorable in her dancing gear. Makes me wish for a daughter of my own.. almost! LOL. I just adore Hughie's glasses. He looks soo very well fantastic!!! They just seem to suit him, like they have always been there. How is he liking them?

Yummers! said...

Look at Katie's little feet in 3rd position... so cute. And Hughie is a doll in those glasses. Looking cool!!

As for the videos... you know how I love them!! Hughie's car noises are just 'all boy'. Get earphones or an ipod.

Thanks for the cute e-card, Helen. That was so sweet of you. Birthdays should be a day of surprises and also... videos of the Hancock kids!!
Love to all,

ChristianeK said...

Wow Hughie looks so fantastic in his new glasses! Katie looks adorable! You've got a couple of pretty wonderful kids:)

Angie said...

These pictures are wonderful!!!!

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