Friday, November 30, 2007

Chess anyone?

Den thought it might be time to teach Hugh how to play chess, whilst at the same time providing a bit of a father/son bonding time. Well Hugh has really got into it. The set is now permanently residing in the sunroom and he practices most nights on the computer before having a quick game with Den before bed. I even had to go to the library to get books on chess. Last night Den said it was the best game Hugh had played yet as he was really starting to think about his moves. Now the question is what can munchkin play while the boys stare at the chess board?


Yummers! said...

Those are such cute pictures of Hughie. You can see him thinking. I used to love to play chess... haven't played in years. Have you seen the movie "What Happened to Bobby Fisher?" or something like that. Hughie might enjoy it with Den explaining a few things. It's about a little boy who was a chess player. And what to do with the munchkin? Why don't you ask her??
You could start teaching her to sew or embroider with a hoop. I did at that age.
Love you guys,

Angie said...

Great pictures. That's totally cool that he's learning at such an early age.

Leah & Terry said...

Such cute pics. What a great game to learn!!!

Wendy said...

Oh so Sweet!! I was Hughies age when I started playing chess and loved it! Good job Den!! As to Katie, let her have some finger paints, ha ha ha!!

ChristianeK said...

great photos! It's nice to see them enjoying some time together playing a great game.

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