Sunday, October 21, 2007

Katie and her Barbies!!

How to amuse a "cheeky chonka" as her Daddy calls her on a sunny Saturday? Put up the cubby and take the Barbies outside. A change is as good as a holiday :)


shaui said...

hi helen! i added your blog in my list of bloggers. i hope thats fine :)

Yummers! said...

Oh, that sweet little face!! What fun... playing with Barbies in the sun and a tent. Ahhh, childhood!
~Grammy J

Have you seen the little girl's clothes on Glocks Frocks (on my list on right hand side of my blog). They're not exactly Katie's color. Notice I said color not colors... pink, pink,pink. But fun to look at. Do you sew?? How is the potty training going??

ChristianeK said...

How adorable. Barbie needs a day of fresh air every once in
I hope you had a great weekend. Take care :)

Wendy said...

LOL...Sounds and Looks like fun to me!! Great job capturing the moment Mum!!

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