Thursday, October 18, 2007

Joni from Yummers blog gave me the "You Make Me Smile Award". Thanks Joni! That was so sweet Grammy J. You make us smile, too, or we try our best to make you smile with our silly videos! So it takes one to know one dear friend.

I was also tagged by Joni to to share 6 facts/habits about myself....oh goes:

1. (the obvious) I am TOTALLY ADDICTED to digi scrapping. Love it, think about it, dream about it, always got an idea about it - poor family of mine.
2. Having just discussed this with my great friend Wendy over in Texas - I HATE to dust. There I said it. I will only DUST when it is so embarrassingly obvious and at least 1cm thick.
3. Another item on Wendy's and my list today for absorbing correspondence was bed making. I HAVE to have my bed made neatly each day. Den calls it an envelope and kicks it all out - argh! The other day Hughie did me a "favour" and made all the beds. I just had to sneak back later and re-make them - I could not help myself.
4.Every Thursday I have lunch with Den. Near his office is a gluten free cake shop "The Swiss Bakehouse" run by Vietnamese - go figure. Anyways, I walked in their today and the girl said "caramel slice?" - how embarrassing! Even a weekly visitor they know well! Ooops!
5.I love to have a "bath free" night for my kids once a week. They think they are getting out of something....little do they know it is just Mummy being lazy.
6. Finally, I have become a big sci-fi head! Yes folks, courtesy of my husband, shows such as Voyager, Stargate and Battlestar Gallactica are way up on our "must see" list. What has become of me. Next month I will have been married for ten years (here is a bonus FACT NO.7. for you - Den and I were engaged after two months of meeting each other and married after six months) - where has the girl I once was gone? LOL!

I now need to tag people for the "Smile" award and six here goes....

HBBBBBBBB!!! Go get 'em Texas!
Style Guru - you rock Christiane
Birgit my German friend.
Amiga Helen floating around in Asia somewhere
Leah....come on can post again
Diane Lynch...if you want to play we would love to see you


DCP! The girl without a blogspot who wants one so badly. Just do it dag!


Wendy said...

ROFL....I'm blind and can't read....Na Na Na

Wendy said...

Okay! I’ve got to respond to yours before I do mine….
1.Yes you are addicted to Digi-scrapping but it’s your therapy and you need it!! And I love the LO’s you do….My life wouldn’t be the same without your daily LO’s…
2.Dust, ah what is wrong with a little Dust!!
3.LOL to the bed making….why make it when you’re just going to crawl back in that night…But clean fresh sheets are my down fall…
4.LOL to the caramel slice…you are a gluten!! It sounds good though; send me a piece, LOL…
5.LOL to Helen being lazy about “Bath Free” night…you ma’am are never lazy!!
6.Ugh to the Sci-Fi head!! I think I’ll send PP over there to join you, that way I might get to watch some television….ha ha ha…
7.CONGRATULATIONS!! Helen I think that is GREAT! The girl you once knew has grown into a beautiful WOMAN!! A FANTASTIC Wife!! and an AWESOME Mother!!

de vliegende koe said...

Hi Helen, thanks for visiting my blog on Joni’s recommendation, she is so sweet! Congratulations on your award
and nice to meet you and your family!

Yummers! said...

See... you made me smile!! I hate to dust. Only do it when we have company coming. If you let the dust settle it makes a nice fuzzy finish for the furniture.

And that Hughie... what a son. He even makes beds!! What a catch he's going to be for some lucky girl.
Love you guys,
Grammy J

ChristianeK said...

Nothing wrong with being addicted to digi-scrapping...LOL I'm an addict to. I'm with you on the dusting thing. I hate dusting. My husband is a sci-fi fanatic as well. I think you are a wonderful woman, mother and I would never call you lazy. I'm off now to ponder what in the world I'm gonna share...LOL Take care :)

Birgit said...

Hallo Helen, vielen lieben Dank dass du mich getagt hast. Es sind wirklich interessante Dinge die ich hier von dir lese. Danke dafür.
Ich hoffe es geht dir und deiner Familie gut. Liebe Grüße Birgit

dlynch said...
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dlynch said...

Congratulations on the award!!!

dlynch said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dlynch said...

I also hate dusting, am a sci-fi nut, and of course love digi-scrapbooking. I LOVE sleeping in a fresh made bed but do not make it everyday. LOL

Anonymous said...

DAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If there was only a way to insert Jessi's nose-pickin' pic here......!

You just have to ask about the darn blog, don't you? You will pester me about it until it is done, eh? I still can't make it as cool as yours, and I don't want to "release" it until it it PERFECT!!!!!! Honestly, I have been DIGI SCRAPPIN', and NOT giving the dumb blog the time of day! Oh, I do really want one though. OK, I will try my best to get it going...just for YOU!!!! I'll give you my answers via my new blog...hopefully.

BTW, I hate to dust AND make my beds! My beds are rarely ever made....aren't we just going to mess them up later anyway? I actually dust more than I make my beds. Oh, and I am with you on the bath free nights- it can be such a chore. Caramel slice? Mmmm, sounds delicious- anything with caramel, for me!!!!

HUGE hugs to you, my friend!!! Thanks for thinking of me....yeah, gee thanks. LOL!


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