Friday, October 26, 2007

Courage under fire

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Angie said...

We are going through this very thing right now with Edison. It's very insightful for Hugh, at such a young age, to reason whether or not to participate in otherwise fun activities.

There's a depth there that is unmistakable. . .and it's a priceless gift. I tell myself that this wisdom that Hughie and Edison seem to carry with them will serve them well as they face bigger battles in the world.

Ah, but as a Mom, I still worry at times.

Yummers! said...

Good for Hughie for having opinions and standing up for what he feels. That's rare in a child that age.
XO joni

Wendy said...

Absolutely beautiful Helen!! Hughie is so thoughtful and tender hearted and it's nice to see a child think and use his brain. It means YOU as a parent are doing a terrific job raising him!! I believe a child imitates his parents and boy am I in TROUBLE!! LOL....

Donna said...

Hughie is a really wonderful young man. He knows what he wants or doesn't want to do and he doesn't let peer pressure affect his decision. That is very rare. I know that you are very proud of him.

Keep up the great parenting. He is still so young I am sure he will suprise you in many of his decision.

Hugs, Donna

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