Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wacky Wednesday!

What a day! School drop off at 9am; dancing at 9:15; teddy bears picnic at the tree park with Hughie's school at 12:30pm; and, swimming lesson at 3:30! Thankfully Denny was home and we got through it all together! Click on any of the images to enlarge and see better. I particularly like the one of Katie in mid air! And Hughie's wonderful freestyle! Pity there is not a photo of Mummy's exhaustion!


Wendy said...

Wow I just woke up and I'm already tired just from seeing the photos and reading about your day! LOL...I love the one of Katie with her feet off the ground but not because of her feet but because of the joy in her face!! She truly loves Dance. I think you and Den have found Katies nitch in life...Hugie looks the same with his can see the joy and how relaxed he is when he is in the water...What a turn out for the teddy bear picnic...I'm glad Den was able to spend the day with ya'll that made it all worth while. I hope your getting some rest and having sweet dreams after such a busy day!!

Yummers! said...

That little Katie (alias 'the munchkin') is so darn cute!! And nice arm stroke, Hughie. Those are such fun years... a lot of running, but so worth it. It seems as though my girls were just that size YESTERDAY.

ChristianeK said...

Looks like you've been really busy...shew no wonder you are exhausted...take care and hugs :)

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