Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Playgroup party

At the end of each school term we have a party at playgroup. This time around it was decided to be dress up! Katie had a ball, fully equipped (thanks to the $2 shop) with crown, wand (attempting to put it up her nose I think in photo???) and fairy (way to small) dress. "Is the party for me, Mum?... (no!) ...cause I don't want fairy party, I want Barbie party". Lord help me come December!


Yummers! said...

I came to visit your site earlier today and the photos weren't showing... so, I'm back again and and they're still not working. However, I love your narrative indicating Katie has a 'strong' personality... being very definite about what she wants & likes. I had 2 of those so I'm empathetic. Kristin didn't like elastic in her clothes, so she'd snip it with her little scissors. And that went for her tights, panties, etc. Today she still won't let elastic touch her... wears camisoles and loose waists on her clothes.

Wendy said...

ROFL....Katie is just to funny with that wand up her NOSE!! I love the first photo of her with her tiara (crown) so adorable...A barbie princess!! You are going to have an easy Birthday with Katie...and I'm sure you'll come with some great ideas!! You know you could make the birthday cake with that Wilton cake for dolls...lol..I have the pan form for it and it's easy...Katie could even help!! I know your thinking Yada Yada Yada...NOT ME!! I love the photos you took such sweet little girls!! Great job Helen!!

Yummers! said...

Your photos are coming through clear and cute!

ChristianeK said...

LOL...gotta love that girl...she looks so cute :)

Anonymous said...

What good is a wand if it can't go up a nose or two??? Too cute!!!! Love all of these pics!!!!


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