Sunday, September 23, 2007

Day two - the Big Brekky!

Aunty Anne (Den's sister) outdid herself this morning with fruit and yoghurt, pancakes, sausages (gluten free!) bacon, eggs, hash browns, cooked tomato and mushrooms, toast, frittata, muffins and the list goes on! Someone could not wait and was eager to get stuck into the kiwi fruit, pineapple and strawberries. It was great to catch up, and with Amanda coming as well, a wrestle and play after brekky was in order!


Yummers! said...

That's a pretty good looking breakfast!! And it looks like you're all having a fun time together. Who is the pretty girl in the photo with Katie and Hughie?

Enjoy every moment!
(I'm sending an email)

Wendy said...

Oh WoW!! I want to come next time, LOL...sounds delicious and I can't believe she even made gluten free sausages...I was wondering if you all had seen Amanda lately...looks like Hughie and Katie had a blast with her...I was thinking of Amanda because I saw a trouble game in the store today. I bought Michael candy land so we could play...we played one game and he had had enough, LOL...short attention span!! Ekkkk!! Looks like you had a good brekky and a funt time together.

Sabine said...

Wow, this breakfast sounds yummie! Where is my auntie anne??? Have a nice day! Greets from Germany! Sabine

Anonymous said...

May I borrow Auntie Anne??? Pretty please????? Adorable pictures, and yummmmmmy food...LOTS of yummmmmy food!!!!! Do you think I could just send Auntie Anne a one-way ticket to Colorado?


ChristianeK said...

what a scrumptious breakfast you had...trying to get caught up with your blog...looks like you have been having a great time :)

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