Monday, September 24, 2007

Day three - time with Grandma & Pa

Wow! What a full day....we are all exhausted. Would hate to see what state Grandma & Pa are in! They must be asleep already! First we drove to their house, then we went to Bundoora Park. Lots of playing on the equipment and then into the animal farm (more photos can be found by clicking here). What fun! Day three and slowly I am fading! OH NO! NO worries, a quiet one tomorrow....time to recharge the batteries!


Wendy said...

Oh Helen what a wonderful day!! I can just imagine you were all tuckered out!! I'm headed over to the other site to check out all the photos...Glad you got to see your parents and spend sometime with them...Yes I do think you all need to recharge!!

Yummers! said...

WOW... you are a very busy family!! They are very blessed to have you as 'the mom'. You could write a book on parenting and give others a few tips.

Anonymous said...

What?!?!? Is that YOU in the picture???? Wow, it's so nice to see YOU!!!!! Do you mean recharge the camera batteries??? LOL!

DCP Yep, that's me.

ChristianeK said...

Busy Bees I see...what a fun day for you, the kids and your parents...glad you are taking a moment to recharge :)

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