Thursday, September 27, 2007

Day six: Croc man show!

These school holidays the shopping centre was putting on a Steve Irwin "Croc Men" show! Lots and lots of dancing.....even Hughie made a few gestures! We had tuna rolls (sushi) for lunch and then a quick catch up with friends at the park. This afternoon we are off to the neighbours for a cuppa. Day six and Mum is still going strong!


Yummers! said...

Whoops... I am behind again! I'm curious about what this school holiday is all about? What's it for and how long is it for? And what season is it in Australia?

Onwards... I think Den's business looks great. How nice to have a computer man of your very own. I bet the kiddies love going to Daddy's office. Mine used to.

Angie said...

Hey there,

I'm still trying to figure out if we're depriving Caroline of something special. . . .Katie's favorites (not!) the Wiggles are coming to Knoxville!

She (Caroline) is deathly afraid of loud noises--and even though she loves the Wiggles, I think the screaming and yelling would scare her to death.

I'm thinking about you all today, my friend!

Wendy said...

LOL you know it was a good show when the kids get involoved, I love the photos Helen!! Wish we could have been there to share it with you...dull and boring here!! (yawn)!!

Wendy said...

P.S. Eye candy, middle one, LOL...

ChristianeK said...

looks like the kids were dancing it up...what a fun time :)

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