Friday, September 28, 2007

Day seven: Blast off with Amanda

An unscheduled trip into Den's work today to take him his glasses started off our morning. It was then blast off time at library and some serious rocket making happening. Home for a quiet afternoon with Hugh and I watching the final episodes of Doctor Who (again!) and bawling our eyes out together. Tonight Hugh has gone out with Amanda! You'd think all his Christmas's had come at on one time with one of his fave people at McDonalds', Timezone then bowling! Excitement was not the word. Hardly a glance back at Mum who stood waving goodbye at the door. Boo hoo!


Yummers! said...

Boy, your library does some fun things with kiddies. I don't know if we do anything other than Storytime... but then again I don't pay very much attention. But I will be watching now!

I've not seen such a broad smile on Hughie's face before.
Have a great weekend,

Wendy said...

Yikes it's hard when they grow up and can't even wave goodbye to us!! Sounds like Hughie is having a wonderful Holiday though!! Michael would have loved making a rocket ship!! Nice of you to to take the glasses to Den!! Love the photos of Den's business...You can see he is working hard, specially now that he has his glasses, LOL...Hand clapping to Amanda too for taking little brother out on the town for the evening!!

ChristianeK said...

What cool cool for Hughie to have a night out with his big sis. :)

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