Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mornington Beach

The past few days have been spent down at Mornington where Den's parents live. It is a beautiful spot. With Den busy helping his Mum make arrangements, I took the children to the beach. Hughie cannot get enough of it - always has loved the sand and water. Katie started out okay but then her seaweed fetish began *sigh* stay tuned for that scrap page! I got some great shots and thankfully Den was able to join us later in the day. There are heaps more photos to see if you wish, so just click here!


ChristianeK said...

Wow those shots are awesome... Still thinking of you all...take care :)

Yummers! said...

What a lovely, clean, and simple layout... so appealing! I've got such a bug to scrap using a totally different approach from my usual. I cleared off my scrapping table and am ready to go. Just have to cross off some other things on my to-do list first.
You are inspiring me!

Angie said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! As always. . .so beautiful!!

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