Friday, August 24, 2007

Fame follows her!

Some of you may recall our trip to the library last July school holidays and how Katie's photo was taken for the local paper. I searched so many papers over the proceeding weeks to no avail. Only last week a friend said, "I saw Katie in the paper". I have been on a crusade since to find it and with the ever so helpful people at the newspaper (isn't email a wonderful thing) I have tracked down an electronic version. Now to find the paper one. This is Inspector Helen signing out.

Oh...and here is the link to the electronic article! Click here!


Naranjos said...

Oh WOW!!! Katie is going to be famous some day you can just bet on that...she's just to cute!! Heck she is already've both been posted on the library brochure, Katie has had a photo in the paper, and what about her and Den's photo for the contest...WOW!! Helen do you think maybe this is a hint...maybe you should try Katie out for local modeling agencies...YeeHaw!! The next super model...Katie Scarlett!!

Naranjos said...

P.S. Your library should have copies of local papers...if you know the date and name of the paper...

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