Sunday, July 08, 2007

Back to adventure day's again!

It has been awhile...too long in fact! Before we had kids....was there a before??? Den and I used to go out for adventures on weekends! Well we have decided the time has come to do it once more. Today we set off"where we going Dad?" "are we there yet?" ...wherever the car led us. We went to a farm....had milkshakes...a winery for free tasting and then to a lovely little cafe for more wine, stout and cheese and bickies! Lots of scenery and some interesting times and observations. So stay tuned for more Hancock Adventures!


ChristianeK said...

very cool...everyone needs a little adventure in their life :)

Naranjos said...

Wow I remember our adventure days before Michael came along, it sure was fun!! I'm glad you and Den started it again, you both need the break and looks like everyone had fun!!

Anonymous said...

What a cool thing to do. I can also say before Rose came along we took off like that more often. We'll have to start doing that again!!


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