Sunday, June 24, 2007


Just a few idle comments. Who said watching TV was a sedentary exercise! Not great shots above but I was trying to capture my fairy princess dancing whilst watching telly! Click on the images to enlarge for a better view. Hugh's party number one was a great success.....get a load of those slides! Whoa! Katie was not invited...but when we went to pick up Hugh she did not have to be asked twice if she would like a chip! And YES! she is still wearing that fairy dress! Now off to party number two on Sunday!

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Naranjos said...

Those are sweet of Katie dancing in her fairy outfit! It's not easy getting photos when you don't want them to know your taking them is it? Good Job Mum!
I can't beleive how HUGE those slides are, you all have such great play areas over there. I'm jealous! LOL to Katie and her chips she is such a sweet little one!! Give her Hugs for me and enjoy her soon she'll be grown up and you'll wonder where the years have gone!

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