Sunday, June 10, 2007


Gosh! Can hardly believe it is the weekend again...but we have been hanging out for this one...a nice long one with the Queens birthday holiday on Monday. Today was just a lazy day....I cannot get enough of sitting and reading in the sunroom. Den found the time though to take the kids to the oval for a bit of running, wrestling and ball play, although somehow it always ends in tears! LOL! Click on the images to enlarge.


Naranjos said...

I love that Sunroom!! One of these days I'll have one too...LOL...Cute photos of Den and the kids playing...he is such a good dad!! As to Katie crying...poor thing! Hope she didn't get hurt and was just need to get one of Michael crying and really tick him off....Great Photos Helen looks as though you are all having a relaxing weekend with a bit of fun added in!

Leah & Terry said...

{{Sigh}}} I am jealous of the sunroom. WHat a wonderful place to spend your time. I would never leave!!

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