Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Favourite things

Just thought to blog a few of my two's favourite things. Hugh has been swimming the past two days....with a Beach Boys theme he has loved jumping in amongst the balls. As for munchkin...if ever she is MIA just go and check her room. She might be more like me than I bed with a good book! WOW! That's my girl!


Naranjos said...

Cool photo of Hughie jumping and I love the one of Katie in bed reading...she's a girl after my own heart!! Isn't it sweet to see your children enjoying life!!

Angie said...

Oh Helen. . . I would do anything for an afternoon - or two - or six to spend with you and your wonderful family.

Maybe if I start saving my pennies now, I can get there by the time Katie and Caroline graduate from high school. . . ?

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