Monday, November 13, 2006

BBQ with the new beau

After Den's iaido yesterday (scroll down further to see and read about that) we went to my sister's for a BBQ - yummy food as she went out of her way to gluten free cater for me (as a good sister should! - thanks Wend). It was great to catch up after her and Shanny had just returned from Thailand and also to meet the new beau - Mark - woohoo.... way to go Wendy! Hughie and Shanny just love getting together and thoroughly enjoy being "kissing cousins" but my little munchkin was not to be outdone as Shanny did her hair "like a princess" Hughie declared! A game of hide and seek ensued with Katie marching right past Hughie, eager to partake in some more chalk drawings. All in all it was a great get-to-gether.

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Angie said...

Hi, my dear friend! Sorry I have been away. . .if you've read the blog, you know it was an eventful weekend.

But, alas, the princess is asleep in her royal crib, and I am writing to my dear friends whom I have missed dearly.

Great pics - love the kiddo pictures.


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